So glad you are visiting Crowning Glory Design by Jarlyn !    
  My name is Jarlyn Brown and I have been making local, State and National  Pageant Wear for the younger girls, for the last 15 years.
  Some of my designs have been on many of the popular Pageant TV Shows, Night Line, Anderson Cooper and many more.
  My wonderful customers have been winning and scoring high with my designs.  I'd like to take full credit for the designs doing so well, but honestly the girls do their part, in making them winners also!
  I have been growing by leaps and bounds, becoming a favorite Pageant Designer to many pageant enthusiast. 
  Using only the best trims, fabrics, and SW stones.   Paying very close attention to every detail.  Listening to the desires of my customers, for that perfect outcome.  Making sure the design arrives in a timely manner, is a Crowning Glory policy.
  I stand behind my work and will make any necessary adjustments, if needed of  the fitting.
  Pageant dresses and pageant wear in the photo galleries are samples of my work.   It is Crowning Glory's policy to make, One of a Kind designs, unless stated otherwise.    If there a dress in the gallery you like, yours can be somewhat similar, however it must remain somewhat different. I'm here to create the One of Kind looks for your child.
I'm also the founder and creator of Jarlyn Brown's Top National Pageant Designers and Pageant Seamstresses (on facebook). This is a group of 40 of the best pageant designers from all over the USA!  Each have their own businesses. Our group is a format on how to improve the pageant wear industry and how please our customer base. Our group also has a sales page on facebook "Pageant Designers& Seamstresses Sales Site".  Our group holds an annual Calendar Photo contest "Young Pageant Calendar Girls". Which we award thousands of pageant clothing as prizes!!!


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